What I learned in 2011

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It’s the time of year where we sit back and reflect about everything that happened in the past year.

All the victoies…all the mistakes…all the tears…all the laughter…

I took all of the things I learned in the past year and put them all here so that you can take the things I learned this year and apply them to your own life.

Thinking back puts a smile on my face at times, other times I just think I really f&%$ed!


Here's what I learned in 2011




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1. To stay lean and also to burn fat I need to pick heavy shit at least one day a week.

This go for ladies too. Muscle helps build a faster metabolism. Circuit training does boost EPOC, muscle is what will eat up all that fat.



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2. If your DIET isnt on point you won't lose the fat.

You can’t out train a shitty diet.

If you train 4 times a week for an hour each session that still leaves you with 164 hours left in the week to undo all the work you put in.

Clean up your diet.





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3.  Having a beer or 2 is a good thing.

Cheating on your diet with a beer or a few cookies isnt bad, It's important. You don't want to be the weirdo out with your friends or not enjoy some of the guilty pleasures in life but this only applies if your nutrition has been on point entire week.



4.  Know your numbers.

Keep track of your progress every single month. Weight, meassurements, bodyfat, keep track of it to know what direction your going in. If you don't you'll get lost and never meet your goal.



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5. Knowing when to turn off the phone.

Every time I head to the gym or try to get some work done, the phone rings or I get bombarded with texts messges and emails and never get anything done. Now, I shut the phone off and just check my emails and texts twice a day. My productivity is on level BOOM!!




6. Work out when Im not working out.

You'd be surprised what just parking your car a little farther away from your intended destination, taking the stairs or just walking your dog for an extra 10-15 minutes can do for fatloss.




images 2 What I learned in 20117. Kettle bell swings will melt fat.

This move works just about every muscle in your body! About 10 minutes of kettle bell swings burns 200 calories. If you compair that with the 100 calories that you burn with 10 minutes of jogging it's a no brainer.




8.  Per work nutrition beats post workout nutrition 2>1

Having a pre workout protien shake or a little food will increase blood flow and protein synthesis. (lean muscle growth) It was found in a study HERE   that consuming that same shake or meal had double the effect of lean muscle growth versues post work out. Also the effect lasts for an hour after the workout!




9. Every goal starts in your head first.

Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right.
Henry Ford

Believe that you can do what ever you put your mind to and make the decision to do it. Always think positive and good thing will happen.





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10.  Set deadlines on your goals

Ever realize how much stuff you get done right before a vacation or how you get that project done right before it's due?!

Set tight, strict, realistic deadlines on your goals and watch how fast and how much you get done.



11. You always get what you want.

Whether good or bad…whatever you focus on…you get, like it or not.  So keep your mind focused on your goals.  When something negative comes up then remind yourself of what your goals are.





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Life is too short. Start creating the life you want to live now.  It’s never too late.


That’s it!  Hope you enjoyed the post! 


Leave in the comment section: Things that you have learned this year.

It doesn’t have to be about fitness. It can be anything  I’d love to hear from you in the comments section!


Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar



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