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For most people, the holiday season can be lonely, bring about sadness or be a reminder of financial, health problems or loved ones lost. Not everyone has a large loving, functional, happy family like the ones we we see on TV. For millions of Americans the holiday season creates stress instead of enjoyment. For anyone who has suffered a big loss (for me, my Grandmother), the holidays will forever remind you of how it will never be the same again. 



funny meanwhile instagram men photos food dinner pics 250x176 What the holidays are all about | NYC Best Personal Trainer Holidays can sometimes create friction and instead of bring families together they unfortunately sometimes divide them. My generation and younger is too busy on instagram and Facebook to actually connect and create relationships which seems like it maybe causing even more of a divide. 


Are our priorities focused in all the wrong places? Gifts, dinners, parties, drinking, ugly sweaters, Rockafella Center like christmas trees aren’t what the holiday season really is about or may be I’m just getting old. 


I have to remind myself what is really important. 


None of us have the right to pity ourselves when we have the same power and choice to feel good about ourselves- in any situation.  Why choose to be sad? Why wish for something different when when you have the power to change? 


funny dog looking mirror dont even know who am anymore pics 250x202 What the holidays are all about | NYC Best Personal Trainer The person you see in the mirror each morning is more or less the result of the decisions we have made- in relationships, career and in health. The situations that challenge us aren't "bad luck”, they are opportunities for us to find out what we're really made of. 

I understand that life is hard, it’s tough to see the brighter side of things, because sometimes life does just seem unfair. 



But we should be grateful for the strength, courage and determination that has made us who we are today.  Lets forget to be grateful to the people who've helped us become who we are today, whether good or bad. Lets celebrate life's little joys and victories each and everyday. 


Don’t take for granted the little things in life, they will be missed the most when they're gone.  From the little achievements to the big successes, give yourself a pat on the back. You earned it. 


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This Holiday Season, I want to ask you to share more love, and remember why we should be celebrating. Be conscious of every decision you're make fear may move you further away from your goals, maybe even family.  Remember to really connect with old and new friends, gave all of your heart, heal a broken heart, mend past relationships, help those to realize their opportunity, offer the greatest gift you can give, time. 



Do this and I promise you won't be disappointed this Holiday.






Keep moving,

Dan Salazar
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Be Humble, Passionate and Determined. We don't know everything, so the pursuit of growth and learning is essential to becoming leaders. We can only grow with each others help so build a positive team and family spirit.







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