What’s a KettleBell?

A kettlebell looks sort of like a cannonball with a handle. They have been around since the early 1700’s and are popular in Russia where they even hold kettlebell competitions.


Now, everyone’s using them and for good reason, kettlebells can be used as a whole body strength and conditioning tool.

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They come in a bunch of sizes so pretty much anyone can use them. The sizes range from ranging from 8 lbs. to 105 lbs. All types of Athletes are using kettlebells from the top MMA fighters, football, baseball basket players and even pro golfers. mean its a such a great tool I have I’ve been using them in my NYC personal training facility with the average weekend warrior and even stay-at-home moms for fatloss and muscle building.



You probably want to know what makes them so great? And no you can’t just use a dumbbell instead?

The way the kettlebell is shaped is very different then a dumbbell.


 Whats a KettleBell?                              Whats a KettleBell?



The weight of the kettlebell is unevenlly centerd with most the weight being further away from the handle rather than the weight being centered around the handle like a dumbbell.  

Because the weight of the kettlebell is loaded somewhat assymetrical this forces your muscles and stabilizers to have to work harder in order to control the weight. The harder you have to work and the more muscles that become engaged you’ll burn more calories, fat and build muslce.


You can do all regular weight lifting exercise with a kettlebell but with a kettlebell you can do so much more!


Exercises like swings, snatches, cleans will build help explosive power and who doesn't need to be more powerful or explosive. Knock out reps for time and you’ll have a great cardio session and burn massive calories and build your power endurance energy system.




Through exercises like the Turkish Get Up can help to find movement dysfuctions and aid with range of motion and to build flexibility. 


 Whats a KettleBell?



The kettlebell really is gym with a handle,  it will help you to build strength, power, endurance, agility, mobility and balance.

If you learn how to use this tool properly you can be in the best shape of your life. Im not going to say that a kettllebell is the end all be all to buliding a healthy great looking body, but damn its pretty damn close to it!



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