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What up Kranksters!!


So I have a question for you.

What's the difference between a person that reaches thier goals and one that doesn't?

I use to think it was some sort of genetic gift or some sort advantage that someone else had that I didn't. 

After years of giving myself excuses I was over it! I decided to stay success in every aspect. I really wanted to figure out why the hell I'm not where I want to be in life. 

After studying the most successful people in different areas of life like relationships, fitness, sports, philosophy, business, etc..

I realized that they are no different then you and me. 

These successful people faced the same problems we do if not worse. 

They might have been broke, homeless, had self doubt, were tiered or have had no support system what so ever, but the kept moving forward. 

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They were consistent in their effort to reaching their goals. 

They believed in themselves and their goals so much that no matter what the world said, no matter if they did not see any change right away they knew it was just a matter of time till the goal manifested. 

It's easy to just write things of as "that's just the way my body is" or "I'm stuck in this situation so I'll just deal with it"



Don't let anyone, even that little self doubting lazy ass voice in your head tell you anything different!!

You have purpose!

You started on your journey because you wanted change and believed that you could make that change, when you were motivated.

Now your telling yourself you can't and your cool with that???

Nope!! I don't believe it!

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Your not allowed to be average, you can't just settle for mediocre. You owe it to your spouse, friends, family and children to be the best version of yourself possible. 

You set the example for everyone in your situation. It's up to you to leave your mark and show that it's not easy but it can be done.

So I'm asking you to just believe.

You can have the body you want.

Believe that the hard work will pay off.

You will be the person you are born to be.

The only time you waste is by not being consistent. 

Don't lose everything you worked so hard to achieve by giving in the fear or laziness.

So get off your ass and go get yours!!!

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If your looking for a dope book on learning what it took for the best of the best to reach their goals you have to check this out!! 


Keep moving, 

Dan Salazar

Krank Brooklyn

pixel Whats the difference? | Dan Salazar | NYC best personal trainer
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