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When most people begin a training program, they often see results right away.  


It’s a new stimulus so our body will respond, It’s easy to feel motivated and get excited when the results are big and fast.


However weight loss journey is called a journey for a reason.  It takes time.  After the honeymoon phase of training (rapid results) There are going to be set backs and plateaus.  


Shit happens and often times these set backs that prevent us from training or deter us from sticking to our diet discourage or make it a struggle to find motivation. 


Here are a few things you can do to get you shi*t together: 



Successes means more then the scale. 

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Weight loss varies from week to week could be because of sleep, stress, dehydration or just a bad meal. Whatever the case some times the scale won’t be on your side.  However if you are consistently assessing body comp, circumference, and strength gains we can actually see improvement. 


So if you are running faster, training longer, lifting more weight, improvement is accruing, something is happening, scale just didn't catch up yet. 


Stay on it!!





Expect Plateaus.  

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It happens, to everyone. It is important to understand that and mentally prepare yourself for this rough patch. This is were focusing on the process and not the progress really helps. 


If you are training consistently, eating well 80% of the time, and sweating just a little bit each day progress will come. Focus on getting stronger, training longer, moving faster, aesthetics are just a by product of performance. 







Pat yourself on the back:

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When were in the middle of a long journey towards a goal sometimes we lose sight of how far we’ve already come. Take a look at your journal and results.  Look back at your “before” photo.  

Pull out an old pair of jeans to remind yourself of how far you've come. 


Give yourself a pat on the back!!  


Think about how impossible this journey felt when you first started, look at were you are now. 


See how far you’ve come and believe that you can complete the journey by sticking with your plan.




We are all human and different people need different levels of support as they journey toward lifestyle changes for better health and fitness. Some turn to journaling training and nutrition. (Highly recommended) Others need a support group of people that can guide them through this process of change.  These are all amazing strategies but the most important is faith. 


Faith that you can, you will achieve what you are looking for. 


Plan, Preform, Prevail with faith. 


Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

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