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In this day and age it seems like people are way more health conscious then ever, organic this, my trainer that, a mud run every other weekend. But for some reason two thirds of the United States is still overweight… With all the info about weight loss and staying fit, we still don’t know how the heck to get it right.   



I think it’s because think:

1) I don’t think about it. 

2) I’m too busy

3) Ugghhh 

4) I just don’t know 


If you not in shape, I would bet it’s because of one of these factors. Let break them down and see if we can get you started on the right foot. 



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I don’t think about it 


For most people that aren’t as fit as they would like to be, working out and focusing on healthy eating in the last thing on their mind. They are busy; work, kids, job, happy hour, all get in the way and occupy all of their mental space. Or do they choose to not think about it? 


I think they are truly unhappy with how they look and feel, but choose to block it out. They have given up and hide behind all the other things that can happen in the day just to avoid the pain of looking and especially feeling the way they do about themselves. 


It’s gonna eat you later up, so think about it now!



Your future

Have kids? Want to see them graduate high school or college?  Do you want to see your grandkids? If you do, you've got to get started taking care of yourself right now.  

I know it sounds overly dramatic, but I would bet that some seemingly minor decision you've made in the past is somehow affecting you right now in a major way, think about it… Working out and eating healthy just a little bit of the time is a minor investment that will pay off big time in the future, but you will start to feel and see the change immediately if you just get up off your ass. 



Your Money

I know what you might be saying, “being eating healthy and working out is expensive with personal training, and organic foods and all. Well, so is shopping every weekend and going for drinks every other day after work. And being unhealthy may be even more expensive. 


How many times have you been sick in the past year? How many co-pays, prescriptions or days of work have you missed because you've gotten sick? 


I haven't been sick in years; I just go to the doctor because my wife forces me to for check up’s, and it’s been 100% for the last 10 – 12 years all because I train and eat healthy a good portion of the time. 



Be a little vain, it helps.

Take a look in the mirror or as a matter a fact just look at some old photos. Do you still look the way you used to. And let's not say it’s “it’s because I'm getting older”, don’t buy it. Your metabolism does slow down, but it’s a fraction of a percent each year and you can halt the process by just training couple times a week and not slamming down 12 margaritas a week. 


So just find a reason to care. 


Your kids

Your money 

Your sanity 

Your life


All good reasons to care, so get moving! 




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I’m too busy


I’m going to keep this one short…


Bull shit. 


If you have a favorite show, go out for drinks, brunch on the weekends, go out to dinner, go shopping, you have time to take a day off from any one of those things and go train. 






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Not motivated? 

We’ve all been there. You have a gym session planned but for some reason you're just not into it. 


Go anyway.

Maybe your over trained or didn’t get enough sleep, who cares, go to the gym. Even if it’s just to foam roll or stretch its more than you would have done then not going. Some of the best sessions I ever had were on the days I really didn’t want to be there. 


Trust me sometimes I’m not motivated to do anything, I wasn’t motivated this morning to wake up at 5am to write this blog post, I got up and did it anyway, routine. 

I could say think about your goals, focus on what you really want create a new goal which are great ways to keep you pumped up for training, but the bottom line is make it a habit, make it a routine. 

You take a bath and brush your teeth every day, I hope. Years of conditioning and doing the same thing at the same time every single day has made that act automatic let's do the same thing with your diet and training. 

Just go, it'll be worth it. 





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I Don’t Know What what to do


So you really care about your health, you have time to train and you pumped up motivated to get to the gym, but your still not losing the weight or to sure what to do. 


We have a problem. 


Do you know exactly how much your eating? Or how to train? 


Know what your eating:


You can’t out train your diet; it’s impossible unless you're a professional athlete that works out for a living. 


It takes about one hour to burn 600 – 700 calories and 3 minutes to get em all right back. 


Here’s the fix. Stop eating crap foods and start eating real food. Our Kranksters have nutrition guides and programs to help get them on the right foot. Just follow the list. It’s basically no sugar, simple carbs or processed grains. It’s really that simple. 


Quick note…


Calories are a factor so if your slamming, a few handfuls of almonds, juices and a jar of peanut butter a day or going to gain weight or plateau. Yes, you can over eat healthy foods, calories do matter.



How to train:


Get a trainer, simple as that. If you’ve been training, you go to the gym, sweat like crazy and still nothing, seek out a professional. 


I know math, but have an accountant, I can floss and brush my teeth, but still do go to the dentist to take care of my teeth, and I also have a trainer because i’m biased to certain things, so I get help with the things I overlook in the gym.

Get help!


I hope this list helps. If you have any questions just holler! 


Keep moving,

Dan Salazar
Krank Systems Brooklyn
2 Prince St 8Fl
Brooklyn, NY 11201


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