Your Out of Excuses

What's the deal!!


Hope you guys had a great weekend!!

You know being a coach and a parent I hear a ton of excuses on why things weren't done that should've been. You know what I'm talking about, why the laundry wasn't done, why you didn't pay your bills on time, why you didn't call someone you were suppose to, why this and why that… The one I hear the most is why I didn't get my workout in and another is why I haven't been eating right or why I haven't been taking care of myself.


I completely understand some of them. 

For the most part it's because we are scared of change. Scared that we might put all our effort and energy  into something and for 1) either nothing to change or 2) people to make fun of them for wanting to change.

Well you know what??


If your not happy do something about it!!

You can't live the only life you have being unhappy in a situation your in. Make the change!!


Bad relationship?

Dead it!!

Shitty job?

Quit!! Find a new one.

If losing weight, getting lean or building muscle is your goal seek out someone that has been proven to get results. Their are tons of people and info out there not only Krank-BK that can and will help you get to where it is you want to be, don't settle for anything less then what you want.

I know. Anyone that has known me since I was a kid can tell you I was a chubber. I decided to make a change and I did, so can you. 

If your serious about health and well being and are ready come check us out!!!


Here's a vid of every excuse in the book. It's your time, your out of excuses!!


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