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Good morning Kranksters. I decided to write another blog post, this time discussing something I feel is pretty important and honestly a fitness game changer.

A lot of you seem to have questions about shoes and which are best. Also I’m sure some of you have seen those toe shoes and thought to yourself “wtf!?” This will also explain why we have you remove your shoes for many movements, especially if we see you having trouble.

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Most likely you have a pair of shoes that looks something like this. Maybe you threw an orthopedic in there for extra comfort. If this is the case you also most likely have some posterior chain problems as well as some other issues. These kinds of trainers, in my opinion, have no business on a athletes foot (or anyone serious about their fitness). The large, raised heel is designed for people with terrible running form, this is there so people don’t destroy their heels when they are heel striking their whole run. As far as people with correct running form, or people trying to focus on correcting their form, the large heel forces you to over extend to try and land correctly on the forefoot. This can cause a lot of problems for feet as well as the rest of your body as a result.


Think of this analogy: Trying to squat in these shoes is like trying to squat on a mattress, the cushioning makes it much harder and you are not nearly as stabilized as you would be on a hard floor training barefoot.


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These types of shoes are known as minimalist running shoes. There are different ranges within the spectrum, designed to ease you into barefoot/minimalist training. These shoes have much less cushioning and support, which is a good thing! These are great for running as well as training at Krank. These shoes will strengthen your feet and as a result strengthen your legs and the very important posterior chain. They will help mobility, strength, and proprioception in the feet. The most important thing when getting involved in barefoot training is to ease into it gradually, you can injure yourself if you jump into it too quickly so be careful, especially using these to run.  Why bandage the problem with orthopedics and “comfortable” trainers when you can fix the problem and better yourself?


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These are some stretches/workouts you can do to help strengthen your feet and ease yourself into barefoot training. These are also great for ankle mobility and warming up for either running or training. When we tell you to remove your shoes during a session, it is most likely because we are seeing some ankle mobility issues, or some other stability/mobility issue in your lower body, during the movement. Removing your shoes will give you a better feel for the ground and movement, as well as help you stabilize.



So what is this posterior chain I keep ranting about?

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This is the group of muscles that make up the back (posterior) part of your leg. These muscles include the lower back, the glutes, the hamstrings, and the calves. These muscles are important for explosive movements and speed work as well as stabilization and balance between the anterior chain.  There are many movements that train this area; Some examples are deadlifts, kettle bell swings, and squats. Chances are if you have any nagging problems in your lower body, or some weak points in your lifts this area is your culprit. There is also a strong connection between posterior chain strength and core strength.

You would be surprised how many problems start at your feet. We aren’t born with shoes on so why train with shoes on? There’s a reason our ancestors were quick and powerful as well as in amazing shape, this is because today’s society focuses on quick fixes and sometimes ignores primitive movements and focuses on comfort over functionality.  So if you want to improve your running form or lifting form, barefoot/minimalist kicks might be a good place to start.

Thanks for reading!

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